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The Sigtuna foundation

The Sigtuna Foundation is a private cultural foundation whose principle aim is to inspire human thought and reflection as well as to stimulate and facilitate dialogues, encounters and bridge building relations.

Founded in 1917 it grew out of a student movement that sought to revitalize both the Church of Sweden and society at large by fostering a creative and fruitful exchange between believers and secularists, between religion and science, culture and the arts.

The statutes of the Sigtuna Foundation specify that it shall establish and operate educational institutions and programs thus its activities include seminars, conferences, a Library and a Clipping Archive.

The Sigtuna Foundation in collaboration with the K&A Wallenberg Foundation is involved in running a secondary grammar school, Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket (SSHL), and also Sigtuna folkhögskola, a Folk High School in cooperation with the Church of Sweden and the Youth Church of Sweden.


A meeting place

The Foundation offers a neutral ground to people of different backgrounds, traditions and/or viewpoints who wish to meet, interact and learn from one another in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Our emphasis on dialogue is rooted in Christian humanism which strives to protect each individual's rights and dignity and also understands human existence as including spiritual values and dimensions.

From the outset, the founders tried to bring together people who would not otherwise meet in dialogue. Initially they focused particularly on ecumenism and the struggle between classes; two burning concerns of their times.

Today's emphasis lies on interfaith and intercultural dialogue as well as on issues related to the environment and media.

In order to serve effectively as a neutral meeting place between faith, society and culture, the Sigtuna Foundation has remained as an independent self governing institution.


Activities and facilities

Conferences, courses, seminars, lectures and dialogues are arranged both under the Foundation's own auspices and in collaboration with others.

Retreats (days of quietness) are held at The Refuge, a meditation and spiritual center that was added to the Foundation in 1977.

The Library serves conference activities, visiting authors and other guests such as researchers as well as the Folk High School and secondary grammar school.

The Clipping Archive has since 1920 collected clippings from the press and its unique material is available to all researchers.

The Guest House hosts participants in conferences sponsored both by the Foundation and by outside organizations, institutions and companies. It also welcomes researchers and authors including recipients of the Foundation's scholarship for writers as well as individual guests who come for rest and recreation.

The Foundation has three sanctuaries for religious services and worship: the Olaus Petri Chapel, the Open-air Church and the Crypt. The Foundation employs its own chaplain.


How to get to the Sigtuna Foundation

By train and bus
SL:s commuter trains depart twice every hour from Stockholm to Märsta, or you can take SJ:s trains from Stockholm or from Uppsala, to Märsta. In Märsta, outside the train station, you take bus 570 or 575 to Sigtuna. Both buses depart in connection to the arrival of SL:s commuter trains. If you travel from Uppsala railway station you can take bus 181 to Sigtuna, but you will have to change in Vassunda to bus 183.

From Arlanda airport
From Arlanda airport you can take a taxi to Sigtuna which takes approximately 15 minutes. Ask for Taxi 020:s fixed price from Arlanda to Sigtuna. Or you can take bus 583 to Märsta, where you will change to either bus 570 or 575 to Sigtuna. Another possibility is to take bus 803 from Arlanda directly to Sigtuna.


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